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Bulk SMS Gateway API

Bulk SMS Gateway API

Integration of Bulk SMS Gateway API allow websites to send automated bulk SMS to the users

Trigger and Send Methods of Sockets

Sockets are patterns for the key services offered by different service providers. They are simply arranged, merged, and developed using the dashboard or API.

Trigger Socket

A Trigger is just what it perceives like - a reply to some event. When you add, renew, or remove data in a Class, you may trigger a Script to run, and the data is passed with it. Socket trigger and send can be employed for different purposes such as delivering an email on the basis of a request, or cleaning up different Classes when something is removed.

Schedule Socket

With a Schedule Socket, you can run night by night update, an hourly synchronization method, or every third Tuesday at 3 P.M. - completely up to you!

Real-Time Channel Socket

Real-Time Channels are a method of giving functionality of real-time communication. Users can opt-in to Channels for getting alerts about modifications that occur to Data Objects linked to those Channels. They could also be employed in a real-time chat app to offer a real-time practice for your users.

Push Socket
The Push Alert Socket lets you deliver your users Push Notifications. It is just an event started by somebody else, which alerts a particular user. For instance, in a chat app a user can deliver another user an SMS, which would trigger this Push Socket to send alerts to that end user!

Overall, if you want to deliver a text SMS, you should be able to select when and why that takes place, and not be limited!

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