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Bulk SMS Gateway API

Bulk SMS Gateway API

Integration of Bulk SMS Gateway API allow websites to send automated bulk SMS to the users

Web SMS API- An Effective Way to Send Messages through a Network

The web SMS API service is a complete two-way SMS messaging service that offers a website, web service or application developer with the capability of incorporating methods to send, receive and check SMS messages through an Internet link, without the requirement to install any extra client applications or modules.

Key features of web SMS API

Two-way SMS: Send SMS to any network and get replies back to your application.

Message labeling: A unique feature of two-way messaging that tells your application just which outbound message communicates to a given reply.

Fanatical inbound numbers: Gives your application an ability to get mobile originated Bulk SMS. This allows your customers to send a message to a number that your application can reply to.

Delivery reports: Allows tracking of text messages, showing your application the correct time that every message you send is delivered on the mobile phone. This gives your application an audit trail and allows escalation in the event of non-delivery of messages.

Control of validity period: Allows you to find out just how long an outbound message will be applicable on the mobile network. Once delivered, the mobile network will carry on to attempt delivery till the validity period does not expire.

API web push: Allows real-time delivery of inbound SMS directly to a URL, as opposite to polling, where messages are lined up and then distributed on the request. This functionality is perfect for businesses that need responses from mobile staff or customers, delivered quickly.

Thus, web SMS API is easy to get to use the regular Internet protocols that are totally vendor, independent from platform and language, allowing different methods of connection. This type of web service lets external users to connect through bulk SMS HTTP API or SOAP, send, receive and check messages.

So, reliable, scalable and personalized, SMS APIs offer an easy and powerful way for users to connect to Transactional SMS gateway. Use SMS enabled application, website or system and send or receive bulk messages all over the world via a range of connection alternatives.

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