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Bulk SMS Gateway API

Bulk SMS Gateway API

Integration of Bulk SMS Gateway API allow websites to send automated bulk SMS to the users

Significant Advantages of Using Online SMS Service

Nowadays, online SMS has become very famous method of communication. It is a new method to send text SMS to your near and dear ones using the Internet. It is the quickest and simplest method to stay connected with your friends, family or business clients. Fundamentally, this is a service where you can use your computer to send SMS to everyone. Everything is done from your computer, so you need not use your mobile phone. Below are some of the advantages of using online SMS service .

1- One of the key advantages of using online text messaging method is that they are somewhat free of cost. Most of these services let you send text SMS without costing you even a single penny. You just require registering yourself and you can begin to send texts at no additional cost.

2- The messages you send using online text messaging are sent quickly to the receiver once you press send button. You do not have to wait any longer. Now, you can simply send information to your imperative customers or you can simply send those SMS to your friends or family members with SMS Gateway API .

3- Typing a message on keyboard is quite simple as compared to typing on mobile. You can type much quickly on keyboard. The keys on mobile phone are very small. It can be very irritating and can bother your fingers. On the other hand, typing on finger friendly keys on keyboard is very easy and speedy.

4- You can significantly decrease your mobile bill if you select to send all of your messages through Internet. Almost 50% of your mobile phone bill involves the SMS charges. Why to expend money on text SMS when you can send them free of cost.

5- Online SMS service is offered to everyone. It is not that only businesses can use it, but each individual can use this service. There is not any type of restriction on using these services. Business can use it to send to their customers and individuals can use it to send those SMS to their friends and family members. It is a good deal for both businesses as well as people.

Today, online messaging is most chosen way to stay connected with your friends or clients at no additional charges. It has increased very fast over previous few years. If this growth carries on the time is not far when no one will use mobile phone to send SMS. Also, there are some service providers available that offer online transactional SMS service as well and MSG91 is one of them.

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