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Bulk SMS Gateway API

Bulk SMS Gateway API

Integration of Bulk SMS Gateway API allow websites to send automated bulk SMS to the users

Bulk SMS through Excel- An Ideal Way for Business Promotion

Even though the use of Excel is prevailing amongst businesses and organizations all over the world, only a few of them understand that by using a simple add-on, which is made available by some bulk SMS gateway providers, they can combine their Excel sheets with their bulk SMS platform. By sending messages from Excel sheet, businesses no more need to exit out of the spreadsheet application or initiate another application to deliver their text messages: it can all be completed within Excel sheet.

Sending bulk SMS through Excel s the perfect method for any organization, business and individual to use their bulk SMS platform in combination with the contact detail they embrace on Excel. Merging SMS functionality with Excel figures will help in streamlining the overall communication process, as numerous messages can be delivered at once, making more proficient use of time. If businesses want the recipient to reply in kind, they can integrate two-way messaging with their marketing campaign and maybe consist of a short code.

The best thing about merging text message functionality with mobile numbers detained on an Excel sheet is that users will no more require to leave Excel when sending text messages. All that is required to link your Transactional SMS gateway platform with Excel is an easy add-on. Once the add-on is in place, to begin you are just needed to choose your recipients, create the message, verify it and then deliver it. If you need to send a personal message this is also possible, you just choose the recipient, create the message and deliver. Based on the SMS to Excel add-on you make use of, you should be able to write and store already defined message templates, which will help you accelerate the process even more. Preferably, it will also support two-way messaging and so let the receiver to respond your text message, when needed.

Professionals that very much depend on Excel spreadsheet applications, who also need to interact with their customers on a daily basis, will most likely be the first to know the advantages of sending text messages through Excel. Of course, any business or organization that uses Excel spreadsheets to keep contact details of its customers or staff members could benefit from bulk SMS through Excel . Managers can use it to inform employees about their daily working time-table, businesses can use it to send promotional offers to the customers or to give delivery information. Healthcare industry and various other businesses can use it for promotional purpose.

At last, in the near future it is anticipated that an increasing number of businesses and people will start sending text messages through Excel sheet.

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